Derek Rose Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt

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Basel fabric has to be touched to be believed. It offers long-lasting softness and doesn't pill, making it able to withstand countless days of lounging. 

This signature Basel men’s t-shirt is a wardrobe essential: versatile and classic. Made from a unique blend of stretch micro modal for an extraordinarily soft and comfortable wear, it will quickly become your go-to black t-shirt. Perfect for sleeping, lounging or making a long-haul flight a lot more bearable.

Featuring a soft crew-neck band finish and a streamlined shape that is both comfortable and flattering, we've elevated this loungewear t-shirt into a luxury essential. One of our signature fabrics and a customer favourite, our breathable Basel t-shirt is perfect indoors or outside.

The micro modal fabric constantly reacts to your body and helps you stay cool or warm according to your temperature. Clever.

Furthermore, this special fabric is also environmentally friendly; made from sustainably forested European beech trees. The durability and quality of it also means you’ll be wearing your t-shirt for years to come!

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