Derek Rose Short Sleeve Honeycomb T-Shirt

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London 6 short sleeve t-shirt in navy features a geometric print based on the structures making up carbohydrates, in keeping with this season's theme 'Eat', for a luxurious twist on the classic t-shirt.

Made from a unique blend of micro modal stretch, our specially developed London 6 fabric is ultra-soft and doesn't pill, making it able to withstand countless days of lounging, numerous sessions at the gym and even a casual weekend day out.

Wash after wash the navy print will maintain its colour and the shape will return to its original design, even if left on a hanger for a long period.

Not only is the London 6 tee soft, but thermostatic properties in the micro modal fibres allow them to react to changes in temperature and regulate your body heat. Furthermore, the fabric retains its initial softness and is also environmentally friendly; made from sustainably forested European beech trees using a process that is carbon neutral.

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