Quarantine Hair? Hats and Caps to Rescue

Quarantine Hair? Hats and Caps to Rescue

What a year 2020 has thrown at us so far.

We are living among a world wide pandemic causing all of us to shut down our regular lives and regular routines. New terms like “social distancing”and “contact tracing“ are now in our vocabulary. Schools are closed, businesses are closed and perhaps the most frightening of all … hair salons are closed!!!

To Cut or Not to Cut?


What do you do under such unprecedented circumstances? Hey, why not try a DIY haircut like these celebrities? It seems the men in our lives are growing tired of their shaggy side burns and messy neck fringe. Do we dare let them stream a YouTube self hair cut tutorial and hand them over the clippers? Seems this travesty is happening everywhere and there’s nothing we can do to stop it!

On the bright side these so called “quarantine haircuts” are becoming a source of entertainment for families. Online we even see celebrities jumping in on the fun, posting hair cuts they’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage to go through with. Shaving it off seems to be the trend for celebs like David Beckham and Blake Shelton and fun for the whole family as Gwen Stefani is the one doing the shaving! Another trend: grow that baby out! Bangs to the chin, a nice modern flow if you will… (Lol!) It seems anything goes right now.

Whether you are experimenting with the clippers or going for that man bun one thing is for sure you are going to need a good backup plan! It’s all fun and games until that self distancing business meeting comes up, or you perhaps want people to take you seriously as you venture back into society.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have to hide that masterpiece (as proud of it as you are).

Hats and Caps to the Rescue


A stylish baseball cap or drivers flat cap is a great addition to your wardrobe and could do the trick! You’ve had some time now to connect with your inner hairdresser, get creative and have some fun with it all. We love your sense of humour guys really we do. You’ve done your best to tackle that mop of yours but in the end I’m just saying…

Maybe it’s time for a hat!


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Paul Puncher Coppley Custom Clothing Event | October 16-24, 2020

Paul Puncher Coppley Custom Clothing Event | October 16-24, 2020

You are invited to the ultimate shopping experience!

During our special Coppley Custom Clothing event, select clothing that satisfies your individual lifestyle and get it expertly fitted to your silhouette and enhanced with many unique personal styling features.

Coppley Custom Clothing Event Details

Thursday, October 16, 2020 through

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Enjoy 20% off all garments ordered.*

*All bespoke garment upgrades and enhancements included (i.e. specialized buttons and linings, genuine surgeon cuffs, personalized labels. That’s a retail value of approximately $200.00!)

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10 Tips You Need To Style Yourself Like A Pro | Menswear

10 Tips You Need To Style Yourself Like A Pro | Menswear

When it comes to your personal style, you’re allowed to set the rules, build your own unique wardrobe and dress yourself to match your personality and how you’re feeling each day. But if you’re not sure where to start, or need some ideas, these menswear styling tips can help guide you to develop your own style.

10 Style Tips For Men

  1. Invest in quality over quantity. Build your wardrobe with a selection of quality pieces, rather than filling your closet with lots of items that won’t fit you well and won’t last.
  2. Swap in trendy items. If you want to ease into a trend, take a look at one of your go-to outfits and swap one item out for a trendy item.
  3. When in doubt, overdress. When you’re getting ready for an event and you’re not 100% sure what the dresscode is, always err on the formal side.
  4. Give yourself footwear options. By owning more than one pair of shoes, you’ll give yourself more options for style and comfort. Every man should have a pair of sneakers, a nice pair of boots and a classic dress shoe.
  5. Take the time to find a great suit. Invest the time comparing jacket styles, colours, cuts and fabrics. Our experienced clothiers can help guide you through our selection of ready-made suits and custom designer suit options. Once you have the perfect suit, you’ll never have to worry about how you look.
  6. Complete your look with a pocket square. Any time you’re wearing a jacket, add some colour and flare to your formal look with a pocket square.
  7. Layer, layer, layer. Mix and match your favourite pieces by layering a new look together. By adding layers, you can use new combinations of your existing wardrobe essentials and create a whole new look.
  8. Wear a watch. A watch is the ultimate accessory. A designer watch is fashionable and functional. This classic accessory goes great with a suit!
  9. And on that note...don’t shy away from accessories. Adding a few accessories, such as cufflinks, can really complete your look with very little effort.
  10. Make sure your clothes fit! Not every man is built the same, so why should you expect every item of clothing to fit you perfectly? Take the time to get your wardrobe essentials adjusted to fit your body. We offer next-level customization, allowing you to create a look that is truly your own. Book a consultation to meet with one of our clothiers. This tip has a bonus tip: Know your measurements. Write them down in your phone so you always have a quick reference when you’re shopping.


Visit our Uptown Waterloo Showroom to add some quality designer menswear pieces to your wardrobe. We can help you find the right fit and styles so you leave looking great and feeling comfortable and confident (because after all, how you feel is what matters the most!).

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How to Wear Shoes Without Socks

How to Wear Shoes Without Socks

When the warm weather hits, many men find themselves in the same footwear dilemma: How do I stay cool and stylish? Well, the answer, and an increasingly popular men’s fashion trends, is to wear shoes without socks…or at least appear as though you are.

More and more we’re seeing men heading into a sockless summer, bearing ankles and lower calves. This look has been popping up in casual gatherings, brunch and even in wedding parties.

If you love the sockless look, but are a bit unsure of going completely sockless in your in your favourite designer shoes, we have a solution! Patherella invisible socks are a no-show sock that can be hidden in your shoe. These socks are made to fit so they won’t slip off your heel and slide around.

Paul Puncher - shoes without socks Pantherella Invisible Socks

Now that you’re all set to rock the “sockless” look, here’s how to pull it off.

How to Rock Shoes Without Socks If You Want to Look Like a Sartorial King

source: gmarge.com

Suitable Occasions for Shoes Without Socks

The classic sockless look comes with an occasion already built in: boat shoes on the deck of your spectacular Wolf of Wall Street yacht. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry – the yacht can wait and the boat shoes can be worn elsewhere in the meantime.

Besides, boat shoes aren’t your only option for socklessess. From Oxfords to Vans, you can free your feet in all kinds of footwear. The resulting impression can either be care-free and casual, or sophisticated and slightly daring, depending on the rest of the look. Most anything can work – including denim, shorts, and even lightweight summer suits – but it must be appropriate for the occasion. Going sans-socks is a Don’t with business attire and formalwear. Beyond that, feel free to experiment.

Choosing the Right Footwear

With no socks to share the spotlight, your shoes need to stand on their own. Beginners can’t go wrong with a classic loafer. It’s the easiest shoe to sport sockless, and it’ll look stylish in plenty of situations. Other slip-ons, like driving shoes and moccasins, and low-cut sneakers are also easy to wear.

On the less casual side of things, try Oxfords, bucks, brogues or…pretty much anything you want, actually. Almost any dress shoe is fair game, as long as it isn’t too formal for the rest of your look. Since you don’t have any socks to show off, now is a good time to get a little experimental with your shoes.

Keep in mind that a little extra maintenance may be required if you plan to have consistent foot-to-shoe contact. Allow each pair a 24-48 hour resting period before slipping into them again. In the interim, use cedar shoe trees to help them properly dry out. If odour is an issue, invest in a foot antiperspirant to stop any unsavoury smells.

Sockless Style Advice

You’re free to try this look with a variety of garments on your lower half. Jeans, trousers and shorts are all viable options, but the classic is a slim-cut chino. Avoid elasticated or skinny cuffs, but keep your hems close. Aim for the base of the trouser, whether cropped or cuffed, to hit about two inches above your shoe and expose the bottom of the ankle. If you go any higher than that, you’ll look like you’re wearing capri pants and that’s a definite no.

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Come visit our showroom to pick out a pair of invisible socks or find the perfect pair of shoes to try with this look.

Styling Your Suit Like A Boss | Suit Accessories

Styling Your Suit Like A Boss | Suit Accessories

A suit is a versatile item in your wardrobe, giving you a formal option for work, weddings, funerals and other formal events when you need to look your best. If you work in a corporate environment, you probably spend the majority of your time during the week donning a suit.

A custom designed suit or tailored suit will fit you like a glove and give you the confidence you need to run an important meeting, meet with essential stakeholders, give the speech of your life, or walk into any room looking your best.

Once you’ve dressed to impress, suit accessories can take your look to the next level.

Complete Your Look

No suit is complete without the necessary accouterments. Adding accessories can give a classic suit so many different looks and make you stand out.


The right accessory can make all the difference, and so can the right tie. In fact, Oscar Wilde once said “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”.

Layering a designer tie on your suit is the perfect way to complete your outfit. And the best part? You can wear a different tie every day for a refreshing look.

Tip: Tie style doesn’t stop at the tie itself; you can show off your personal style in the knot. Whether you prefer a windsor knot, a half windsor, or a four-in-hand knot, a tie is the perfect finishing touch to any suit.

Pocket Squares

Some call them pocket squares and some call them handkerchiefs. Either way, this is a must-have suit accessory.

Pocket squares are a great suit accessory because they are front and center and add a pop of colour and personality to your suit. You can choose from a variety of colours, patterns and materials to match your date or just rock your favourite colour. Tip: Be sure your pocket square matches your suit and your tie.

It may be called a pocket square but there’s no need to always fold it into quarters. There are endless ways you can fold your pocket square and tuck it into your suit pocket


Cufflinks are a practical accessory, fastening your sleeve cuff…but they are also an attention-grabbing detail for any well-groomed man. Rather than clutching your sleeve together with a plain button, a cufflink is a functional piece of jewelery that shows you put thought into your outfit, exuding sophistication and style.

Available in a variety of materials and designs, cufflinks are often a source of compliments (especially if they show off your personality). Tip: Pairing cufflinks with a white or neutral shirt will allow you to play with colour and pattern.

This essential accessory also makes a great gift for the well-dressed man in your life!


A belt is another practical accessory. Wearing a belt doesn’t mean your pants don’t fit. Your custom suit will fit like a glove, and a belt will only help elevate your look. Wearing a belt can help break up the colours of your outfit. If you’re wearing a navy suit, a brown belt will add some refreshing contrast.

Our clothiers can help you find the right accessories. It’s important to think about each accessory you’re adding to your suit and ensure they complement each other (i.e. your shoes and your belt).

Tip: Think about the occasion you’re choosing a belt for. As well as complimenting your suit, you want to pick a belt that fits the event.

Get Accessorized

Let our experts help you find the right accessories. Our Uptown Waterloo Showroom has a variety of colours and styles, making it effortless to pick the perfect complement to your suit.

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