Finding that perfect wedding suit: Q & A with clothier Scott Puncher

Finding that perfect wedding suit: Q & A with clothier Scott Puncher

Paul Puncher is your best source for designer wedding suits. Our impeccable collection of men’s ready made suits, from the world’s foremost European designers, will speak to your unique style and character, elevating the sophistication of your wedding day.

Why buy a suit instead of a tuxedo?

Buying a quality, well-tailored suit is an investment. It can be worn over and over again to a variety of future functions i.e., other weddings, funerals, special occasions. A tuxedo is a more formal garment by nature, and rarely can be used in future functions, unlike a suit. The investment in a good suit, because of this reusable feature, is much more valuable than a tuxedo, which is similar cost to purchase, and rarely worn in future.

What suit brands do you recommend for a wedding?

The suit brands I recommend are determined after a detailed discussion with the client during the initial consultation. Once the information has been gathered from the client, I discover/determine what the client’s approximate budget is. This is critical in determining what particular brands I would recommend, as we have a broad range of suit prices.  Some clients are price sensitive, so I guide them accordingly to some of our opening price brands. Other clients that are less price conscious, I review our higher priced imported Italian brands.

Should I buy a summer suit or a fall suit?

There are 3 criteria I use for seasonal wearability (i.e., summer versus fall).

  1. If it is a summer wedding (i.e., between June – September), the client could choose a suit fabric that is lighter in weight, lighter in colour, or both light in colour and weight of fabric…example being light grey or light tan.
  2. A fall/winter wedding demands a suit that is obviously darker in colour, darker in weight of fabric, or both i.e., darker blue, darker grey, darker earth tones like brown (rare) or black. This season is typically from October – March.
  3. The third option that is often chosen, is to buy an “all season” suit that can be worn year-round. This provides the most value for client because the suit can typically be worn 12 months of the year to all functions. These suits are made of medium weight fabrics that are not too light for winter and not too heavy for summer. They typically are in mid to dark tones, most being in the blue/ grey/ black tones.

Vest or no vest?

A vest tends to add a more formal or sartorial/ elegant vibe to a wedding suit. I personally love/ prefer vested suits, especially if the wedding has a more traditional formal theme i.e. a larger venue, with the bride wearing a more elegant, elaborate gown, as opposed to a more casual setting with a smaller group, less formal etc. The vest provides an additional “look” for the groom i.e. the vest provides the groom with an elegant, polished, more finished look when he removes his suit jacket at some point (which most groom’s eventually do as the reception goes on.

What about my groomsmen?

Our wedding suit programs allow us to efficiently and effectively handle both the groom’s and the entire wedding party’s wardrobe needs. The determination of whether we handle the groomsmen tends to be determined by price/ budget i.e., does the wedding party want to invest in purchasing a higher quality suit which is more costly, versus renting a suit or buying a lower quality and less expensive suit. That is the primary deciding factor in this debate.

Ties – to wear of not?

Choice of whether a groom wants to wear a tie or not is first issue. Majority of groom’s wearing suit want to “properly” to complete the elegant vibe of a suit by wearing a tie. There are some grooms who don’t want to wear a tie because their wedding theme isn’t as formal or traditional, so they wear no tie and maybe a pocket square as an accessory. Actual tie choice for those wearing ties, is obviously based on or dictated by colour of suit. Solid ties tend to be more popular as they give a more formal look, as opposed to vibrant patterns, which tend to be flashier and less formal.


What fit is in style?

The most popular style right now are suits that feature a 2-button, single breasted jacket with side vents at back. These jackets have a more fitted, slimmer cut and are shorter in length. Pants are flat front (no pleats) with a slimmer cut leg with narrow bottoms.

What is the most popular colour?

The majority of our wedding suits are obviously in the core traditional colours of black, navy and grey. Among those colours, there has been a push towards the brighter or more vibrant navy-blue tones, as opposed to the darker midnight blue. Also, we have seen demand for the mid to lighter tones of grey, stealing some of the traditional black and charcoal suit business. The bulk of suits purchased are navy, grey and black.

How many fittings?

Typically, we do 2 fittings. We do the initial first fitting, where the suit is marked for the required tailoring adjustments. We then do a second fitting or try-on after these initial tailoring adjustments are complete to make sure they were done properly and that the suit fits perfectly. If an additional adjustment is needed, we do it during second fitting, but this is rarely needed.

How far ahead should I order a wedding suit?

In order to have most effective result, enjoyable process, obviously allowing more time is better than less. If a client can purchase his wedding wardrobe “off the rack” from in stock, this can be turned around fairly quickly (i.e. a month or less). But if there is a particular colour, pattern or style that is not available in stock and has to be ordered in, minimum 8 weeks is required. Most of our custom wedding clients have the initial consultation 4 – 6 months in advance. This allows for less for a less stressful process than last minute approach and allows for most effective results.

How do I get started?

To start the process, contact us to book a wedding consultation.

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The countdown to Christmas is on! Paul Puncher presents our must have gifts of the year!

1. Socks

Pantherella socks are handmade in England with the finest luxury yarns in bright vibrant patterns and colours. From $35-$40.

2. Hugo Boss Card Holders

Sleek and simple design. Fresh colours, textures and finishes in a cowhide leather. Bound with heavy stitch and polished edges, these card holders are built to last! $120.

3. Scarves

Wrap yourself in luxury with our European cashmere scarves. Plaids, patterns and solids, one is sure to catch your eye. Starting at $125.

4. Wigens Caps

Stylish wool or cotton snap front caps and baseball style hats. Uniquely crafted in Sweden. Starting at $139.

5. Gendarme Cologne

A classic, clean, crisp citrus scent. Gendarme is a top selling favourite at Paul Puncher. $169.

6. Dents Gloves

Handcrafted in England, these deerskin driving gloves are a must have on cold winter mornings. Made since 1777 with the world’s finest leather. Starting at $229.

7. Bracelets

The height of luxury in men’s jewelry. Tateossian wrist wear is designed with leather and silver or choose colourful precious lava beads for a bolder look. Starting at $239.

8. Sweaters

Chose from a variety of wool sweaters by Paul and Shark. Nylon details like elbow patching and vests make these sweater jackets unique. Great for milder winter days. Starting at $329.

9. Re-Hash Jeans

Italian tailored jeans in a variety of colours and fits. Elevate your denim! $349.


10. Winter Coats

Designer European brands: Armani, Montecore and Joop will perfect your winter look and keep you warm and cozy. Starting at $799.

Paul Puncher’s Top 10 gifts await! European brands, expert advice and impeccable service. We invite you to Christmas shop virtually, privately by appointment or in person in our spacious elegant train station.

Merry Christmas,
The Paul Puncher Team 🎄

Paul Puncher’s Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Paul Puncher’s Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. We were thinking…do the special men in our lives really want another set of BBQ tools or Apron that says #1 Dad???  Perhaps we need to think outside the box this year. Let’s give our guys a gift that puts a little swagger in their step! 

1. Tateossian Wrist Wear

Made in London, these are the definition of edgy sophistication. Smart casual looks made with genuine Italian leather or semi-precious colourful stones. Securely fastened with a sterling silver clasp giving a cool contemporary look. 

2. Hugo Boss Sandals/Slides

Choose from lightweight quick dry slides in navy with sporty orange and blue stripes. Or luxurious leather sandals your choice of black or brown. Perfect for around the pool at the cottage or simply sliding into for a backyard bbq.

3. Paul & Shark Swim Trunks

Eye catching colourful prints. Drawstring waisted swim trunks in a comfortable mid-rise style. Quick drying and comes with a Paul & Shark Logo travel pouch.

Z Zegna Polo Shirts

4. Zegna Polo Shirts

Vintage pique cotton polos in vibrant colours. Teal, raspberry, ocean blue, soft grey and floral patterns. Casual but classy, perfect for a round of golf or family bbq.

Mason Shorts

5. Re-Hash/Alberto/Mason’s Shorts

Made in Italy with soft-stretch cotton. Bold colours, subtle diamond prints, muted tones, Bermuda or short length you’ll easily find the perfect pair.

Contact us or stop by the store for availability, pricing and sizing!

Quarantine Hair? Hats and Caps to Rescue

Quarantine Hair? Hats and Caps to Rescue

What a year 2020 has thrown at us so far.

We are living among a world wide pandemic causing all of us to shut down our regular lives and regular routines. New terms like “social distancing”and “contact tracing“ are now in our vocabulary. Schools are closed, businesses are closed and perhaps the most frightening of all … hair salons are closed!!!

To Cut or Not to Cut?


What do you do under such unprecedented circumstances? Hey, why not try a DIY haircut like these celebrities? It seems the men in our lives are growing tired of their shaggy side burns and messy neck fringe. Do we dare let them stream a YouTube self hair cut tutorial and hand them over the clippers? Seems this travesty is happening everywhere and there’s nothing we can do to stop it!

On the bright side these so called “quarantine haircuts” are becoming a source of entertainment for families. Online we even see celebrities jumping in on the fun, posting hair cuts they’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage to go through with. Shaving it off seems to be the trend for celebs like David Beckham and Blake Shelton and fun for the whole family as Gwen Stefani is the one doing the shaving! Another trend: grow that baby out! Bangs to the chin, a nice modern flow if you will… (Lol!) It seems anything goes right now.

Whether you are experimenting with the clippers or going for that man bun one thing is for sure you are going to need a good backup plan! It’s all fun and games until that self distancing business meeting comes up, or you perhaps want people to take you seriously as you venture back into society.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have to hide that masterpiece (as proud of it as you are).

Hats and Caps to the Rescue


A stylish baseball cap or drivers flat cap is a great addition to your wardrobe and could do the trick! You’ve had some time now to connect with your inner hairdresser, get creative and have some fun with it all. We love your sense of humour guys really we do. You’ve done your best to tackle that mop of yours but in the end I’m just saying…

Maybe it’s time for a hat!


Contact us for availability, pricing and sizing!

Paul Puncher Coppley Custom Clothing Event | October 16-24, 2020

Paul Puncher Coppley Custom Clothing Event | October 16-24, 2020

You are invited to the ultimate shopping experience!

During our special Coppley Custom Clothing event, select clothing that satisfies your individual lifestyle and get it expertly fitted to your silhouette and enhanced with many unique personal styling features.

Coppley Custom Clothing Event Details

Thursday, October 16, 2020 through

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Enjoy 20% off all garments ordered.*

*All bespoke garment upgrades and enhancements included (i.e. specialized buttons and linings, genuine surgeon cuffs, personalized labels. That’s a retail value of approximately $200.00!)

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Don’t miss out on this special event. Schedule your appointment today to work with one of our experienced clothiers and get fitted in Coppley clothing.