There’s nothing like a heatwave to remind you that you need to refresh your summer wardrobe. We’ve put together a list of essential menswear to keep you cool…while looking hot!

Grey Tailored Trousers

A classic pair of grey trousers is a summer wardrobe essential taking you from work to a wedding. Grey is the perfect shade for summer, because it can easily be paired with lighter tones that are often worn in the summer months, such as pastels.

A Classic Tshirt

Summer is the time to relax, and there’s no better menswear to do so in than in a classic white tshirt. We know we don’t have to convince you, but just in case…it’s comfortable, it’s versatile, it’s a classic look, and it’s light.

The Polo Shirt

Like the tshirt, the polo shit is a versatile summer staple. If you’re stepping onto the golf course or need to sharpen your casual look, a polo shirt is the way to do it. Have you read our blog on the history of the polo shirt yet?

A Light Blazer

A blazer in linen or cotton fabric is the ideal piece to dress up while still staying cool. It’s the perfect line between casual and formal, meaning you’ll get to rock the blazer all summer. If you’re working your way down the list, the classic tshirt and polo shirt will fit nicely under your lightweight blazer.

White Long-Sleeved Button Up

Summer aside. This wardrobe essential is great all year around. You can dress it up for work and formal events, layer on your favourite jackets and blazers, or dress it down for weekend fun.

Stylish Shorts

When temperatures are rising, the last thing you want to do in wear heavy pants all summer. Shorts are a great option for casual events, relaxing and packing for your vacation. Try a tailored pair in navy for a sharp look! Check out our guide on finding shorts that are the right fit for your body type.

A Slip-On Shoe

When you step out in a pair of tailored shorts, you want to make sure you have the perfect footwear to complete your outfit. Loafers, boat shoes, or any slip-on shoe is a must-have for summer. 


Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for the summer months, plus they serve an important purpose. Protect your eyes from powerful UV rays and show off your personal style with a pair of designer sunglasses.


When the sun is shining bright, protect your head and face with a designer hat!

Weekend Bag

After you assemble all your summer wardrobe essentials, you’ll need a way to get them to your weekend destination! You’ll find that a weekend bag gets a lot of use in the summer months as you jet off to on weekend getaways.

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