Testimonial from the floor

For our team customer service isn’t a look it’s the way we do things

I have not spent a cent in your store, {that bill as you told me was the tailor’s bill to the store.} and yet you treated me like I was a King.

When Heather said that I could not handle all these clothes on my walker she did some fancy footwork and offered to drive me home. I have never in my life ever had service that I could compare this to.

You can bet that I will tell everyone that I meet that Paul Puncher is the place to purchase Men’s clothing.

Scott, Heather is a gem. Do Not let her go. She is priceless and you were not far behind. And Mike is why I came to your store. Because he has always treated me well.

Thank you for making my day. You are all terrific!


Meet Your Clothiers

In these insightful interviews, business partners, Scott Puncher and Matthew Strongman, discuss their traditions, their style and their store. Meet your clothiers….

Scott Puncher

Matthew Strongman