Pal Zileri

By looking backward to the industrial yet forward to the modern brand evolution, Pal Zileri is able to embody the classic energy and vitality of an entrepreneur. A Paul Puncher man knows the value of a classic, well thought-out suit and devotes himself to the high-quality fabrics and meticulous details of a Pal Zileri suit.

Classic: in this very word Pal Zileri sees both an ideal of elegance in permanent evolution and the energy and vitality of its entrepreneurial view. Since 1970 the company has combined a modern productive logic – industrial and competitive – with attention to the quality of the product and a devotion to the customer coming directly from the Italian sartorial culture. The leading product of the company is still the Italian canvassed suit, an architecture of high-quality fabrics and handicrafts improved by generations of tailors.

Paul Puncher Promise

Bringing classic elegance to everyday through exceptional clothing – By investing in Pal Zileri at Paul Puncher, you commit to a vision that brings out the best of the past, with the promise of the future.

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